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1. Preface

The first half of this little volume has been issued in many successive editions as a series of tracts on the Gospel of Healing. The testimony of many persons in various directions that they have been greatly blessed of God, and the desire often expressed to have them in permanent form, has induced the author to reissue them in book form, with the addition of several fresh chapters. It is hoped this simple volume may now be found to be a compact and more useful channel of Scriptural instruction upon this important subject. The views expressed have been carefully weighed in the balance of the Divine Word, and confirmed by much careful experience and observation.

The importance of this subject, and the emphatic way in which God's Holy Spirit is pressing it upon the attention of His people, demands for it the most careful and thoroughly Scriptural study. Effectual faith can only come through thorough conviction.

In spite of the cold and conservative, and sometimes scornful, unbelief of many, this doctrine is becoming one of the touchstones of character and spiritual life in all the churches, and revolutionizing, by a deep, quiet, and Divine movement, the whole Christian life of thousands. It has a profound bearing upon the spiritual life. No one can truly receive it without being a holier and more useful Christian. We believe it is to be one of the most mighty forces in the next missionary movement. We should not be surprised if it should have an important place in the greatest spiritual awakening that is yet to visit the churches; and we cannot question that it is intimately connected with the hope and nearness of our Lord's second coming. It is most important that it should be ever held in its true place in relation to the other parts of the Gospel. It is not the whole Gospel, nor the chief part of it, but it is a part, and in its due subordination to the whole, it will prove, like the Gospel itself, the power of God to everyone that believes.

From The Gospel of Healing by A. B. Simpson. Lightly updated to the language of the 21st century by D. N. Pham. (c) 2013.

Insights of the past for the present

Gospel of Healing - A.B. Simpson

1. Preface

2. Practical Directions

3. Popular Objections

4. Principles of Divine Healing

5. Scripture Testimonies, Part 1

5. Scripture Testimonies, Part 2

5. Scripture Testimonies, Part 3

6. Personal Testimony

7. Testimony of the Work

Appendix: Christian Science


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