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The Story of His Death.

Clement of Alexandria1 says that James the Just "was thrown from the gable [of the temple], and beaten to death by a fuller with a club." Hegesippus gives a long and legendary account of the death of James to the effect that the people of Jerusalem who called James the Just were so enraged when he bore witness to Jesus as the Son of Man that they flung him down from the gable of the temple, stoned him, and a fuller clubbed him. "And they buried him on the spot by the temple, and his monument still remains by the temple."

But Josephus gives an entirely different and much more credible narrative of the death of James, placing it about A. D. 62 or 63. He charges the Sadducees through the high priest Ananus with the death of James and adds: "Ananus, therefore, as being a person of this character, and thinking that he had a suitable opportunity, through Festus being dead, and Albinus still on his journey (to Judaea), assembles a Sanhedrin of judges; and he brought before it the brother of Jesus who is called Christ (his name was James) and some others, and delivered them to be stoned, on a charge of being transgressors of the law." So he won a martyr's crown. He was called "the Just". He had accused the wicked rich of killing "the Righteous One" (James 5:6).

From Practical and Social Aspects of Christianity - The Wisdom of James by A.T. Robertson, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Ky. Lightly updated to the language of the 21st century by D. N. Pham. (c) 2012. The update is not complete.

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