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[1] This, however, is omitted in critical editions.

[2] Various shades of meaning have been proposed. Meyer, whose opinion has weight, virtually interprets in this way: He did not reckon equality with God (which was His) to imply or to be fitly exercised in acquisition, or in accumulation of benefit to Himself: and Hofmann, after supporting another view, appears (in his Attention. Schrift. N. T.) to agree with this. To be equal to God, and to put forth power for His own enrichment, were for the Son very different things. The one He possessed: the other He renounced.

[3] In the text Ewald's suggestion is followed, in the form given to it by Lightfoot. Meyer's view, however, may seem simpler to some readers. He thinks that "the same things" of ch. iii. 1 are the warnings against Judaising which actually follow in ver. 2. According to Meyer, the Apostle had already, in a previous Epistle, warned the Philippians against the Judaisers, and he considers it "safer" for them and "not irksome" to himself to repeat the admonition. In this view the connection between vv. 1 and 2 may be stated in this way: "Rejoice in the Lord;" and, need I repeat it? — yes, it is better that I should repeat it, — rejoicing in the Lord is wholly contrary to that boasting in the flesh which characterises some great religious pretenders well known to you and me. Beware of them! The energetic scorn of the phrasing is explained by supposing that the circumstances and the argument of the former Epistle had led to this animated denunciation, so that the Apostle recapitulates phrases that were well remembered in the Philippian congregation.

[4] Remains, iv., p. 156.

[5] The statement which follows in the next six paragraphs is partly based on Pfleiderer, Paulinismus, p. 172 fol. He will perhaps be regarded as a tolerably impartial reporter on this point.

From the Epistle to the Philippians by Robert Rainy, D.D., Principal of New College. Edinburgh. Published by FUNK & WAGNALLS COMPANY in 1990. Digitally produced by Colin Bell, Julia Neufeld and the Online

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To the Philippians - R. Rainy

I. The Salutation

II. About the Philippians

III. The Philippians' Paul

IV. Between Living and Dying

V. United Steadfastness

VI. The Mind of Christ

VII. The Mind of Christ (cont.)

VIII. Working and Shining

IX. Timothy and Epaphroditus

X. No Confidence in the Flesh

XI. The Knowledge of Christ

XII. The Righteousness of Faith

XIII. Life and Daily Dying

XIV. Christian Life a Race

XV. Enemies of the Cross

XVI. Our City and Our Coming King

XVII. Peace and Joy

XVIII. The Things to Fix Upon

XIX. Gifts and Sacrifices



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